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Welcome to Mystical Rising

 Education and therapies in metaphysics, to help you on your journey to self-discovery, healing and personal and spiritual transformation.

Whether you are looking for assistance on your healing journey, want to help others on their path, raise your consciousness, develop your intuition, manifest your desires, or dig deep into your psyche to discover your purpose and meaning in life, then you have come to the right place. 

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Hi, I'm Lu Meissner

I'm a health & wellness coach, energy healer, astrologist and tarot reader, who helps people create transformation in life. No matter whether you are looking for assistance on your healing journey, guidance with personal or spiritual development, or learning techniques to help yourself or others, I am there for you.

Get ready for a journey to a better and brighter you, through a deeper understanding of yourself and what you are meant to be in this lifetime!

Working together we can accomplish almost anything!


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Focused sessions which provide guidance for your healing journey, personal or spiritual development, or just to learn different techniques to help yourself or others.

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Energy Healing

One-on-one energy healing sessions, group healings, or join a workshop to learn different types of energy healing, including Reiki and Chios. 

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Astrology Readings

Astrology readings offered will include birth chart readings, year ahead personal forcast, general health overview or specific medical astrology reading. 

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    Learn Astrology

    Astrology offers deep insights into ourselves. It helps us understand who we are and what we are meant to do. It can give us insights into our past, and present, and assist us to make decisions about our future such as choosing the best time to begin a new project or start a new job.  

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    Tarot Readings

    Personal readings to choose from will include email readings, 30 and 60 minute personal readings over video or phone.  

    Coming Soon

    Workshops & Events

    Different workshops and events geared to personal and spiritual development. 

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